Asset privatisation is devastating rural and regional industries in Queensland.

The LNP government plan to further privatise many key public assets including government owned ports and power assets. This process will involve leasing the assets for up to 95 years generating a purported $37 billion in revenue.

These assets are some of the most valuable assets owned by the people of QLD and generate a significant amount of revenue for the Government. The LNP previously considered that such long term leases (when proposed by the then Labor party) were the equivalent to asset sales (Tim Nicholls 2010). What has changed?

There are also plans to privatise TAFE including the possible sell off of over half the TAFE campuses and the outsourcing of the vocational training sector, as has already happened to the Warwick TAFE and maybe others in the region.

Details are still vague but unfortunately our TAFE resources have been run down and insufficiently funded for many years.

The Greens support our TAFE’s and would ensure they were adequately funded.

This is particularly important in regional areas such as the Southern Downs.

Our businesses and farmers need skilled trades and employees that can learn their skills in our region.

The Greens oppose privatisation of our state owned assets.

We need innovation and sustainable solutions to repay debt, not selling everything we own, leaving us with nothing.