Political Reform

The Greens believe in the idea that Parliament should serve the best interests of all Australians, not just those who can afford to buy influence.

We are seeking a review of the way our democracy works and the safeguards that should exist to protect it from abuse.

There is a need in QLD to reintroduce safeguards like the senate (a house of review), a fully empowered Crime and Misconduct Commission that can review all inappropriate or questionable conduct of politicians whether criminal or simply inappropriate, and of course a truly independent judicial system free from political interference.

We should have guidelines that govern all development and that cannot be waived at the whim of a government minister. These guidelines would be there to protect us and would not be simply red tape put there to hinder development.

All politicians should be held accountable for their decisions and elections are the main way we do this but administrative functions like Freedom of Information need to be strong to enable us to ensure that all decisions are transparent and that our representatives are acting ethically.

The Greens propose to limit political donations, to strengthen the reporting requirements, and to introduce much tougher rules of disclosure for any donation to a political party or related entity.

We can never take our democracy or our social and economic safeguards for granted. We need to keep fighting to ensure that all of our people are considered in any political decision. Our environment is our life particularly in a region like the Southern Downs and so it too must be considered. Growth for growth sake is not a justifiable end if it harms us or our environment.

Our political system has worked well in the past even with the drawbacks of party block voting. It is showing signs that it needs reform as big business and political lobbyists now play on the current driving force of politics: to be re-elected. We should be electing politicians who want to be there to ensure a fair go for all, appropriate development, and planning for the future.

By voting for me as your Greens candidate you send a clear message to other parties that they need to listen and govern for the good of the people.

Greens Policies: