Finding reliable and meaningful employment is difficult at the best of times but rural jobseekers need more support than the government is giving them.  Longer distances and social isolation are an issue so it is important that new, sustainable industries can be brought into the region and brought to stay.

Mining jobs do not bring permanent jobs to local communities.  The workers come, the rents rise, and when the resource is exhausted, the mining companies leave behind a big mess, both environmentally and economically.

It is important to our region that employment opportunities arise from local businesses. Local produce is transported at a much lower cost and it is therefore much fresher and more affordable for families, with a lower environmental impact. All the jobs of our future lie in protecting our farmland and encouraging and developing small enterprise on a local scale.

Education and health are also areas that our region needs greater services in, and jobs such as these can also become a reason for people to put down roots in the area.

The following YouTube video says that every month the LNP is in office, 700 Queenslanders lose their jobs. Unemployment up from 5.5% when they came in to 6.9% now.