Why do we pay the Medicare Levy??

Health services in our area are inadequate. The former governments have gradually been cutting back more and more health services, leaving our most vulnerable community members even more powerless to improve their lives.

“Changes to Medicare will take affect from January 19, meaning we may have to front a $20 fee to see our GP. There is a little-known “10-minute” rule which means if your appointment is under 10 minutes, Medicare will now pay $20.10 less to the practice for your consultation than they used to. ” (1)

Which means that in the country we’ll be paying the extra fee on top of the $30+ we already pay because no doctors in Warwick bulk bill.

As usual, policies that deliberately exploit lower income earners and those of us in rural communities.  

Medical staff need our support, and we need more of them!

Elizabeth said, “My grandmother was in the Warwick hospital for weeks and those nurses work their guts out. Fewer staff mean bigger work loads and these amazing people were the hardest workers I’ve ever seen. They need more support, not less.”

It is irresponsible and cruel that the government has downgraded Queensland health services, and sacked 1,796 nurses, amongst hundreds of other needed health workers. To get the budget in surplus, governments should be taxing the big corporations, not giving them millions of dollars in tax-payer funds, derived from the family incomes of lower and middle income earners.

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