“The difference between my illiterate grandparents and me is two generations of free state education.” – 2014 Man Booker Prize Winner, Richard Flanagan
Education and Vocational education and training (VET) are suffering in our community.

TAFE has been offering less courses locally over the last few years and now with “outsourcing” courses, we have fewer and less affordable options. At the same time, university costs which are already expensive, are set to soar.

With fewer educational options, young people have to either leave to study in Toowoomba or Brisbane, or if that’s not affordable, find work here. And anyone from this region knows that it’s very difficult to find work on the Southern Downs.

For a strong economy and satifying lives, education needs to be accessible and affordable. And not just to those in the capital cities.

If all our children have to leave for a proper education, our towns will die.

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