CSG / Coal Mining

Both coal mining and CSG require large amounts of water, and are dangerous to both above-ground waterways and underground water.

Fracking, or CSG, has been practised in the USA for over two decades.  The environmental impacts are now clearly apparent.  Why have the Queensland government sold our farmer’s land rights?  Here is a five minute video explaining how fracking works.  The environmental impacts of fracking cannot be adequately controlled nor repaired.  Our rural communities do not want CSG!

Water is life to rural Queensland

Australia is the world’s driest inhabited continent.  Rural families, farmers and businesses rely on underground water to maintain life and lifestyle.  With so much at stake, how could the government give away water rights to the massively water-wasteful coal and CSG industries? A vote for either major party is a vote that gives our water and farm land away to foreign mining companies who have a track-record of leaving a big environmental mess behind them.

Legislation passed by the Queensland government is destructive to rural communities

On the 26th of November, “Queensland’s parliament passed water reform legislation that will make it easier to take and use water, particularly for large mining and agriculture projects.

The state government also recently announced it will support infrastructure in the Galilee Basin, particularly the development of the Carmichael coal mine proposed by Indian coal company Adani.

True to its word, the Newman government is cutting red tape, but it’s questionable whether these water reforms involve the kind of red tape the community can afford to lose.

The reforms have been criticised by the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority for their possible impact on the reef, while the move also brings other problems far closer to the mines and the massive underground aquifer that sits beneath them.”  (Reading the rest of the article here.)

The legislation cutting red-tape for mining companies is a water disaster waiting to happen.

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