Business Support & Incubators

The Greens have a vision for the future of small and medium businesses in the Southern Downs.  Small businesses, including farms and produce related industries, are a major source of jobs and services to the people of our electorate.  Elizabeth Ure has been actively committed to supporting small businesses for some years now.

Business Incubators

The Greens have a vision for achieving business development where wealth is distributed justly, where effort, responsibility and innovation are rewarded fairly and equitably.  We believe that we can create jobs in diverse fields such as education, health, retail, tourism, public and non-profit sectors, agriculture, energy, mining, and expand and develop a worthwhile manufacturing sector, without “crowding-out” private enterprise.

“Business incubators” are one way the Greens help to get small business off the ground and set them up for future success.

The generation of clean energy is a huge opportunity for business and job growth in the Southern Downs.  The Greens are committed to supporting the development of sustainable business enterprises that are economically viable, now and in the future, unlike coal seam gas and coal mining.

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