Elizabeth Ure - Southern Downs

Elizabeth Ure, Greens Candidate for Southern Downs

I’m a passionate believer in the strength and resilience of rural communities and the need to ensure we are represented effectively and fairly. On the Southern Downs, we are in desperate need of good health care, affordable education, employment growth and support for our farmers. We also demand our farmlands be free from coal mining and CSG drilling and support to meet the challenges of climate change. I’m proud to represent not just the Greens but the people of the Southern Downs.

More about me including work and community work efforts.


  1. Fiona

    I met Elizabeth Ure through the Fresh Fest that she and her husband organised for October 2013. I was so inspired by how the community latched onto this idea, coming together to produce a really cohesive festival. I felt connected with so many good people. It was such an amazing opportunity for local small business, cottage industry and families. I was so touched by the kindness and knowledge of the organisers, who showed the same commitment to caring for people that I feel. What I don’t have, though, that I really admire in Elizabeth, is her ability to draw people together, to instigate, organise and lead people into co-creating great community social and economic resources. Her leadership and willingness to sacrifice her own time and money for the purpose of building community ties and local economy gives me a hope that haven’t felt in a long time!

    – Fiona Gray, musician, mother of five, committed Christian

  2. David Giles

    I met Elizabeth when she was being trained by Al Gore to speak about climate change. She is a highly articulate and caring person and has made a real impact in her local community in Warwick. A woman who stands up for decency and ethics.

    David Giles, Energy Efficiency Consultant

  3. Geoffrey John OConnell

    I have only known Elizabeth for a short time but can advise that she impresses with her intelligence, drive, and commitment. An advocate for all that is good for our society and communities. She has a clear insight into what is needed and communicates it very well. A successful mother and business woman she can apply multiple skills to her IT consultancy work and will undoubtedly, if elected, serve her electorate very well indeed.

  4. corina graham

    ELIZABETH IS THE REAL DEAL. she passionately believes and lives what she preaches.

  5. Allison Thompson

    I have had the pleasure of knowing Elizabeth for over twenty years and have watch her grown into a beautiful young lady who is so passionate about what she believes. If you truly want a honest leader who cares for her country and every Australian then you need Elizabeth on your side. Good luck and i will have everything crossed for you

  6. Franki Moore

    Great to see an ethical woman with strong beliefs challenging the status quo in this most conservative of seats. Political change is about checks and balances as much as about who gets in, and Elizabeth will help keep the current incumbent accountable (and on his toes!)

  7. Jennifer Greene-Galloway

    I came into contact with Elizabeth through like minded concern in relation to Coal & CSG, we share the same views in regards to this issue & want to make a difference, this lead Elizabeth to attend Southern Downs Protection Group meetings & help bring about awareness of the dangers surrounding this industry. Elizabeth advocates focusing our energy sector towards renewables, the importance of affordable education & health for all not just the mere few & the utmost importance of keeping our prime agricultural land & farmers free from mining & supplying our great country with fresh produce & clean water for generations to come. When Elizabeth sets her task she’s a go getter to be reckoned with & driven in helping her fellow Australians for a sustainable future. A woman on a mission to create change in the strongest conservative region in Qld, not an easy task ahead but very doable with Elizabeth at the realm….. you will do us proud!

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