The Greens get their support from the ground up, not through donations from big corporations.  We exist through co-operation and support, and we appreciate whatever talents you have to bring to the table.

Ways you can contribute to the current Greens campaign:

  • “like” our Facebook page, invite your friends and share our posts with your friends
  • join us on Twitter, Instagram and Google + (to be updated over coming days, as campaign events unfold)
  • make a donation 
  • distribute fliers to letter-boxes
  • supervise an A-frame sign near a high-traffic road
  • put a Greens sign up on your fence in a high-traffic road
  • put a Greens poster up in your business place or organisation
  • man the campaign office
  • help to run a stand at a polling booth in your locality (usually 2 hr shifts) on 31st January, 2015
  • Come and talk to us at the campaign office! 
  • Anything else you think you can help with…

People like you can help us make a difference, to stand up for what matters most.  Please go to the Volunteers page, and let us know what you would like to contribute.  Thank you for caring!