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ABC – Queensland Election: Stump Speeches

ABC gave all local candidates just 90 seconds to “state their case” and try to “snare your vote in just 90 seconds”. Here was my attempt! Listen on ABC Transcript: My name is Elizabeth Ure and I’m the Qld Greens candidate for the Southern Downs. I’ve lived in Warwick for many years and grew up […]

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Elizabeth Ure - Southern Downs

Elizabeth Ure, Greens Candidate for Southern Downs

I’m a passionate believer in the strength and resilience of rural communities and the need to ensure we are represented effectively and fairly. On the Southern Downs, we are in desperate need of good health care, affordable education, employment growth and support for our farmers. We also demand our farmlands be free from coal mining and CSG drilling and support to […]

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Chinchilla - CSG

CSG Protection for Farmers

Our farmers are struggling so badly financially that they are left with no alternatives than to let CSG companies onto their land. We not only need to ban CSG but empower farmers by providing advice on alternative income streams, new technologies, low interest loans and providing grants for capital investment assistance. We need to facilitate […]

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